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We value employee input in this process and would appreciate your thoughts as we work out the details. What would motivate you to try carpooling sometimes? What would make bicycling to work more attractive? What would help staff to use BART? What are your ideas on improved shuttle service?  Submit your suggestions here.


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  1. hello, I think Next Bus is down

  2. Hello, I don’t understand why the next bus is not giving times for the Oxford St locations and gives the following error
    Due to construction on Hearst the Arch St. stop (uphill) and the Euclid stop (downhill) are temporarily closed.

    Oxford and Hearst Downhill and Oxford and University Uphill are not closed but next bus times are not working

  3. So you guys decided to skip stop 74 at 20.38? I had been waiting in a good time for that bus, too.

    Thank you very much for this improvement of my Friday night!

    • Thank you for bringing this to our attention and sorry you were inconvenienced. I will discuss this issue with the shuttle service supervision and will monitor their performance to ensure all of the stops are being serviced.

  4. Hello,

    I left my umbrella (in a clear plastic bag) on the blue uphill buss that approached building 69 around 1:05 PM today. Is there a lost and found where I can retrieve it?

  5. On March 14, the shuttle buses uphill along Hearst Avenue did not stop at the corner of Euclid Avenue because
    of the road work. I am afraid this will be the case for a foreseeable period because the road work on the Heart
    Avenue is not temporary.

    1. The LBNL Transportation Service should notify to the users of this change.
    To my knowledge, there was no warning from the LBL Transportation.

    2. If you have any information as to how long this will continue, you should
    also give your estimate or prospect.

    • The road and sidewalk improvements will continue for a few more months. An article appeared in TABL a couple of weeks ago advising passengers of the work and lettting them know that some stops would be unavailable intermttently. The shuttle service places signs at the locations, whenever possible, to advise passengers of the closest available stop. The City of Berkeley provides weekly work schedules of planned activities in the area, however, it can be difficult to ascertain the exact impacts of the work to the shuttle service until it ‘s in progress. The shuttle drivers have been instructed to avoid putting passengers in unsafe situations

  6. Hello –

    May I suggest that painted lines be added to indicate parallel parking spaces on the road leading down to/up from the Pit? I regularly park on this road. I’ve noticed as I walk past the parked cars that many cars have quite a bit of space (3+ feet in some cases) between them. If people parked a little closer we would be able to gain some additional parking in this area. I think adding lines to indicate spaces would help achieve this.

    Thank you

    • Thank you for the suggestion. We will evaluate it further to see if painting slots will result in additional vehicle parking. Recently, we explored adding parking slots in several areas, including Chamberlain Road and a small section of Lawrence Road. Our field observations on multiple days and subsequent analysis indicated that painting parking slots may in fact reduce number of spaces since most vehicles were parked very efficiently. Many times, when a longer vehicle leaves and a smaller vehicle takes the space, it creates an incorrect impression that parking space is not optimized.

  7. This is now the 3rd time in two weeks that a bus failed to stop for signaling lab people. Again at 8:26 this morning at North Gate, two of us waved to the Blue Uphill bus. Again it switched its sign to “out of service” and again there were only 5-6 people standing, with the entire back of the bus empty, easily able to fit another half dozen people. Please fix this recurrent problem.

  8. Please note that twice in the last week I have sent complaints to Bus Services regarding the Blue Uphill shuttles not picking up people who were signaling at campus North Gate. Especially during rainy season, an extra 10 minute delay does not help people take public transportation to the lab such as shuttles instead of their own cars.

  9. Is it true that you are not counting the silver guest/affiliate/contractor parking hangers in the census numbers for “daily traffic”? This would mean that you’re using terribly inaccurate numbers for your traffic survey, and mis-counting the number of available spaces. People parking on the hill and walking down for work on Campus continues to be a huge issue impacting parking space availability: one third of the tags in our lot are silver, every morning we watch people park and walk away. I think that management of the guest hangers, a severe restriction in who gets them should be one of the highest priorities on the advisory groups agenda, due to the everyday impact. (A temp worker/contractor coming in to work everyday at the lab needs one more than a person with a dual campus appointment who should pay for their UC alloted parking pass.)

    • The traffic data is collected at the three gates. It represents # of vehicles entering the site, irrespective of type of permit being displayed.

  10. I’ve noticed a blue triangle and a red circle appearing in spots near the Molecular Foundry but I cannot find information as to what these mean. I’m assuming they mean that the majority of the lab has had another space removed from their options. I feel strongly that this is a bad idea as often spots that are reserved for special placards often go unfilled all day. This waste of a spot just makes the situation worse for everyone. It also feels somewhat discriminatory against support staff that will likely never be given a special pass regardless of how long they work at the lab.

    Thank you for considering my suggestion to make parking at LBL equal for all staff. If you have information on what these special parking logos mean, I would appreciate hearing it.

    • The Lab issues different types of parking permits to eligible employees. Any space that is marked with a Blue Triangle or an Orange Circle symbol (or a sign indicating so) is available to those holding such permits. A Blue Triangle or Orange Circle space is added only when requested by a Division/Department to accommodate their parking needs.

  11. This is a complaint about service on the Potter shuttle today 11/10/2016. I arrived at the building 65 stop about 2:50 pm. When the Potter bus drove uphill and pulled into the building 65 stop about 2:55 pm, the driver parked without taking on any passengers. A few minutes later he pulled out of the parking spot without taking on any passengers and after the stop sign, turned uphill. The Potter shuttle came back downhill and stopped at the stop sign about 3:03 pm with one passenger. However instead of pulling into the building 65 stop to take on other passengers, the driver drove straight downhill and through Blackberry Gate.

    • This concern has been shared with MV Transportation, our shuttle service operator. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  12. Passing along additional feedback from the PSWLC (

    * The PSWLC feels that a dynamic carpool application would be much more effective than the planned carpool that Zimride offers.

    * B71 bikers have lost covered bike parking and would be more likely to bike if they had a covered location to store their bikes. There should be an effort to provide bike shelters, roofs, or awnings with would protect bikes from sun and rain.

    * There used to be a bike pump at the ATM building and there’s not currently one there. A PSWLC member emailed the head of the bike coalition and this issue was supposed to be resolved but several months later, there’s still no bike pump there.

  13. My group has several suggestions for transportation/parking improvement that I’d like to pass along:

    * We should publish story about a guaranteed ride home user. People need to understand how to use the service and that it works.

    * EV reserved parking but had difficulty finding parking after the 4 hour charging time slot was over. People sometimes reserve morning and afternoon time slots so they don’t have to move. It would make sense to have spots next to each other to swap spots for AM/PM slots.
    Will the 88 parking lot be opened to staff? Can it be opened to staff without allowing access to campus/dual appointment employees/students.

    * Why do we allow groups (i.e., the Molecular Foundry User Meeting) to take parking spots for event activities when there is a parking shortage? Other locations i.e., cafeteria/ALS patio should be explored. Former 50D location should be made available to events. There should be more stringent requirements for people use parking spots for non-parking activities.

    * We need better communication about changes to parking and bus routes. There has been a van picking up on the blue route instead of the typical shuttle. Is this a supplemental service or is this a change in the existing service?

    • Thank you for the feedback. Here are the responses (in the same order).

      * We will work on a story about GRH program.
      * Lab’s Sustainability Team is looking into this matter.
      * B88 parking has been open to everyone with a valid Lab-issued parking permit.
      * Since supporting and advancing science is our core mission, the Lab hosts some events where parking spaces are utilized for “non-parking” purposes. With increasing parking challenges, clear policies need to be developed.
      * The Van is in addition to normal Blue route runs.