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Streamlined Carpool Program Kicks Off

carpool_b3iqnzThe Lab’s Operations Division is working hard to identify and implement solutions and strategies that will help alleviate the anticipated parking shortfall once the construction of the Integrated Genomics Building (IGB) at the Bevatron Lot begins this fall.

During the last six months, the Vehicle Access and Alternative Transportation Advisory Group (VAATAG) and its Carpool Program Focus Group evaluated current guidelines for the Carpool program and recommended revisions that will make Carpooling easier and more attractive to the Lab employees. The Focus Group included Patricia Jung, Martin Kunz, Rebecca Hartman-Baker, Stacey Gauny, Stefano De Santis, Michelle Lee, Michael Martin, Petrus Zwart and Gita Meckel.

Based upon the focus group efforts and feedback through the 2016 Commute Survey, a revised Carpool Program has been developed.  This program will be rolled out next week.  Here are key details:

  • Initially 30 parking spaces throughout the hill will be designated for CARPOOL ONLY from 5:00am to 9:30am on weekdays. After 9:30am, any open space will be available to anyone with a valid parking permit. A map of these spots will be available shortly.
  • Any vehicle with two or more persons is eligible to park in these spaces.  The vehicle must display two valid, Lab-issued parking permits on the dash board.
  • If you use a sunshade beneath your windshield, it is the vehicle owner’s responsibility to ensure that the parking permits remain visible.
  • During the first two weeks of implementation, Protective Services will issue courtesy notices to vehicles not in compliance with this requirement. Actual citations will be issued beginning Monday, August 15, 2016.
  • Depending upon the actual usage over the first 6-8 weeks of implementation, Carpool spaces may be added or deleted as necessary.
  • If you currently hold a valid Carpool permit, you may park in any of these spaces but must display two permits to avoid a citation.

This is a streamlined program that does not require filling up any forms, acquiring special permits or interaction with guards at the entry gates. Staff can carpool any number of days during a week, and with different colleagues.  All that’s required is at least two valid parking permits.

Use Zimride to connect with other Lab employees. Go here for additional information on carpooling.

Employees are encouraged to consider all commute options and choose carpool, vanpool, bicycling, walking or Lab shuttle at least one day per week.

For questions or suggestions, contact Amit Kothari.