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Bike Shuttle Express (Bike Trailer)



Lab Resources


There are Lab-BC toolboxes at the south end of Building 90 (under the external stairs) and in the “ATM building” near the cafeteria (formally 54A).  The toolboxes have a pump, reference book, tools, and patches.

Pumps are also located near the entrance to Building 62 and at the lower level of Building 65.


The Lab can be accessed via these three gates:

The main entrance, Blackberry Gate, requires a Lab ID or parking sticker on your bike. Obtain a sticker at the Site Access Office. They are not required and can be used in conjunction with your car parking permit.

Grizzly Gate is the upper Lab entrance off of Centennial Drive. There is a dedicated bike/pedestrian entrance which opens with a valid Lab ID card 24/7.

Strawberry Gate is the lower gate, also on Centennial Drive. It requires a proximity card reader to enter.  To exit, use the pedestrian gate in the eastern (inbound) car gate (there is a detector in the pavement but it doesn’t seem to register bikes).

See Lab map for gate locations.

Bike Parking

Lab policy prohibits bikes being parked in pathways or in areas that could compromise access to life-saving or emergency equipment (such as fire hydrants, fire alarms, and emergency rescue boxes). They are also prohibited inside building corridors, stairwells, entrances and exits.

Bikes can be parked in your office, provided your supervisor and officemates approve. A dedicated bike hook can be used to save space, but you must contact facilities to have it installed.

Bike Shops

Cycle City: Alameda, 510-521-2872
Hank & Frank Bicycles: Rockridge and two other locations, 510-658-1177
Mike’s Bikes: downtown Berkeley and four other locations, 510-549-8350
Missing Link: downtown Berkeley, 510-843-7471.
The Pedaler: El Sobrante, 510-222-3420,
Performance Bicycle: northwest Berkeley, 510-725-4540,
Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI): West Berkeley, Concord, etc., 510-527-4140
CycleSports: Grand Ave. in Oakland, 510-444-7900